MCA Fact Sheet


The Mid-Atlantic Carwash Association was formed to:

(1) promote and secure improvement in and development of the carwash industry;
(2) provide a means for maintaining high standards in the carwash industry and to promote ethics and good relations among suppliers, manufacturers, operators, employees and customers;
(3) study and develop improved methods for washing, cleaning and servicing vehicles and acquire, preserve and disseminate information for the improvement of the industry;
(4) to operate cooperatively with the International Carwash Association when appropriate for developing programs to improve the industry and individual operations;
(5) to increase the knowledge and efficiency of members through education and conferences


MCA was formed in May 1997 to address regional and local carwash issues, and began a growth trend in 1999 when severe water use restrictions were enacted due to local drought conditions. These restrictions failed to recognize the very existence of these companies by limiting their hours and times of operations.

MCA mobilized quickly to unite companies within the Maryland, Washington D.C, Virginia, Delaware and West Virginia states to undertake a comprehensive education and lobbying campaign aimed at fairly representing the carwash industry’s point of view.

The success in these efforts (repeal of water restrictions for carwashes) proved the need for an ongoing organization whose sole purpose was to represent the carwash industry within the Mid-Atlantic region. 

Today, MCA is a dynamic, growing association representing the many interests of the carwash industry before state legislative and regulatory bodies; providing a resource for individuals and organizations to learn about the industry and to forge partnerships for common goals; providing services to members to increase efficiency and profitability; offering a forum for exchange of ideas on marketing, operations and other business issues; and providing networking opportunities for industry participants to meet and interact with other carwash operators.

Industry Liaison

MCA maintains ongoing contact and communication with related industry organizations such as the International Carwash Association and Northeast Regional Carwash Convention(NRCC), and the other regional carwash associations; trade publications and other media covering the industry; and allied organizations for service station dealers and convenience store operators.


MCA holds 4 member meetings during the year, usually in different parts of the region.

Member Services


  • MCA offers benefits that will help your business thrive and keep you up to date in this changing industry.
    • Meetings, seminars, wash tours and open houses (free/discounted)
    • Advocacy for industry in region
    • On-line membership directory and other member contact information
    • Wash Finder Index – (a listing of member car wash locations available to the public)
    • Supplier Finder
    • Membership decals (one per wash or office)
    • Web site with Members Only Section
    • Leadership opportunities